About Us

Since 1961 CJ Shah has been offering, and continues to provide, the entire gamut of chemical products from APIs to break bulk chemicals to solvents to specialty and fine chemicals. Across the group we have over a thousand different products that we can immediately dispatch to our customers.

We cater to industries such as paints and coatings, agro chemicals, adhesives, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, construction chemicals and many more.

As a family-run chemical business spanning four generations, we value ethical business practices and never back out of our commitments. We are known for our exceptional loyalty to our customers and suppliers as well as top-notch customer service with clear commercials.

Headquartered in Mumbai, we have multiple regional offices and warehouses across India to efficiently cater to our customer requirements, wherever they might be. We also import materials across a variety of ports to make sourcing and logistics cheaper and more efficient to our customers

We are ISO certified as well as Ecovadis compliant and have won numerous awards as a testament to the outstanding service we offer to our customers.

About Us

Why Us?

CJ Shah is a one-stop destination for any chemical needs.

Our strong and direct relations with manufacturers ensure the elimination of intermediaries and lead to uninterrupted supply at the best pricing.

Our expertise in chemicals helps our clients develop new products and applications to improve their product quality and cost structure. It also helps us advise them on the right time to purchase chemicals based on forecasted pricing and market dynamics.

We can provide a wide range of products from a plethora of suppliers and always have inventory ready due to our long-established relations and global access.

Being a market leader and having economies of scale helps us get the cheapest pricing for our customers.

Our multiple regional offices and warehouses across India ensure that we efficiently cater to our customer requirements, wherever they might be.

We provide just in time delivery and immediate product dispatching due to our lean and efficient business structure.

Who We Are

At CJ Shah and Co., we are focused on providing services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we put your expectations at the forefront. We have a variety of offerings for you to choose from.

A one-stop shop for all your chemical needs, our products are manufactured by some of the largest companies in the world. We cater to agrochemical industries, pesticides, paint (both Industrial and decorative), Laminates, Packaging and ink, Automobile, Personal care, Pharmaceuticals, Resins, water treatment, rubber and plastics. Being the sole distribution partners, we are the only business that sells all specialty and downstream chemicals manufactured by all the major chemical conglomerates.

Who We Are
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A one stop shop for every industries chemical needs.