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Our Mission

To curate a one-stop solution for all chemical needs of our clients along with world-class customer service.


Our efforts to serve the community

Our Priorities

Education for all- We believe that the right to education is for all and that everyone should get equal opportunities to grow and succeed.

Premium Healthcare- We channel the focus on the poor condition of public health across the country and are continuously working towards improving healthcare facilities for the underprivileged.

Food Security- We believe that Global hunger has been on a rise in recent years, and COVID-19 is further threatening food security amongst the underprivileged and lower income households.

Our Stories

Funding education for students:
This year we funded Nitish Kumar Sharma’s first-year tuition fees at C.M.R. Institute of Technology.. Nitish hails from a humble background. His father is a carpenter and does bits and pieces work, and has meager savings. Nitish has aced his academics and will be the 1st engineer in his family. He also does bits and pieces of work in his spare time to earn some money. He is doing his Electronics & Communication Engineering from a renowned institute in Bangalore, and we hope that through this initiative we can uplift his family from daily struggles the face due to poverty

PM Cares Fund:
We contribute to the PM Cares Fund, where the objective is to undertake and support relief or assistance of any kind relating to a public health emergency or any other type of emergency. This includes the improvement of healthcare or pharmaceutical facilities, other necessary infrastructure needed to ensure the safety of our fellow Indians.

Rotary Club of Bombay Queen’s Necklace Charitable Trust:
We teamed up with the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen’s Necklace Charitable Trust to Feed homeless and migrant children in Bombay. Through our donations, we have been able to feed thousands of destitute children over numerous months.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation:
We donated to the Akshaya Patra Foundation to provide thousands of children with mid-day meals in schools, often one of the main reasons they end up going to school. Through this initiative we aim to provide students with food security as well as an added incentive to gain an education



Mahesh Shah Hospitable Trust:
Mahesh Shah Charitable Trust hospital has been built and managed by us since 2005 in Shankheshwar, Gujarat, 2 hours away from Ahmedabad. Around 3,500 patients are being treated monthly and are provided with free medication. It is one of a kind hospital in the town that serves the needs of not only Shankheshwar but numerous towns around it too.

Mahesh Shah Charitable trust is also proud to be associated with “Changemakers of Latur” brought to life by a collective number of donors who are tackling the issue of child marriage in Latur. The initiative focuses on aspects like – Building awareness on the ill effects of child marriage, conducting counseling and life skills sessions with adolescent girls, connecting families with job opportunities & ensuring that girls can complete their education.



Ecovadis is an international and independent provider of assessments regarding sustainability. Their sustainability and assessment methodology takes into account the performance of companies based on: Environmental Impact, Labor Practices, Fair Business practices as well as sustainable procurement.

We believe that in a world with ever increasing levels of pollution not only domestically, but across the world, we should do our part in maintaining a certain standard of environmental responsibility. Having an independent and third party reviewer of our actions will hold us accountable to our promise and belief system, ensuring we follow through with our intentions. We continuously take this assessment to ensure we don’t waver from our ideals.

Renewable Energy
Our multiple offices and warehouse stocking points across the country consume around 2 lac kWh of electricity annually and under our faith and belief that we must be responsible and do what we can to protect the environment, we have made investments into multiple wind turbines in the state of Maharashtra. We have gone far above and beyond to offset this carbon footprint and these wind turbines, installed over a decade ago, and generate between 40 to 45 lac kWh of electricity annually. This electricity is distributed to third parties and the government in order to reduce the load of power that we and others consume.

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Financial Strength

Cj Shah And Co. has a credit rating of CRISIL A1 on the short term obligations of the company. Crisil is one the leading and most stringent credit rating agencies in India, and is a subsidiary of US based S&P. This rating is further supported by healthy cash accruals, zero capital expenditure needs, diversity in customer base and extensive promoter operating history. Since we do not believe in taking on additional debt from outside and would like to grow within our own means, we do not have any long term debt and hence no long term debt rating.



CJ Shah prides itself on being ISO Compliant which means, our services and products meet the requirements of international standards and quality.

A one stop shop for every industries chemical needs.